Climate change astrology

I was handed a free copy of the WSJ Europe this morning. It contained the following snippet in the opinion section, spurred by a Japanese paper questioning the use (or rejection of) the scientific method in developing climate change models:

[T]oday’s climate science is so complex that only time – and a lot more observation – will tell whether what scientists think they know is really correct…. Until then, the alarmist findings by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are “an unprovable hypothesis”.

Here’s the full¬†piece. Aside from it being nice to see The Register referenced in the mainstream media, the piece is worth bearing in mind the next time you hear scientists say “the science is clear that x” or politicans claim that “the consensus among scientists is that x“. Science is a process, not a consensus, and the significance of the problems that climate change can cause should not lead us to cut corners in that process.