Speeedreader, my favourite Windows Mobile app

I have stopped buying newspapers and magazines. This is almost entirely down to the wonderfulness of Speeedreader, an RSS reader tool for Windows Mobile. It has several killer features. It caches your feeds so that you can read offline, which is handy for commuting on the underground, way out of mobile phone coverage. It displays a ‘reading list’ of all your new items in one long ‘river of news’ – very handy and much better than having to navigate through a feed/post heirarchy (although that is also an option). However, the killer feature for me is the ability to sync your reading with Google Reader. Add a subscription to Google Reader and it pops up on your phone, ready to read. Even better, when you read items on your phone, Speeedreader marks them as read in Google Reader as well. I can’t tell you how awesome this feature is – it has instantly irradicated the annoying problem of reading the same post twice in different places, or having to use ‘mark as read’ manually on previously-viewed items.

SpeeedReader is also in active development, and has come a long way in the past six months alone. I have been using this app since v0.9 and the stability – already good – improves every couple of months. Plus, an Android version is coming soon. All in all, a must-have piece of software for your phone.


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