Hello there

I’m a British public policy professional, who has led global teams in business and government across a number of heavily-regulated sectors. I also have five years of non-executive experience. Currently I live in the Netherlands, where I lead Fontem Ventures’ Corporate Affairs team, encouraging the world’s billion adult smokers to try something better. My full CV is on LinkedIn.

Outside of the office, I’m a keen runner with a preference for mid- to long-distance trail running. I also cycle, lift weights and ski. Most of these activities make it to Strava. Less actively, I enjoy film and am a huge fan of theatre, which has been made a lot easier through the wonders of NTLive.

As you might expect for a public policy specialist, I’m quite politically engaged. I have campaigned for — and stood as a candidate for — the UK’s Conservative party.┬áHaving lived and worked extensively overseas, I also follow developments in the places with which I’ve had some professional experience, including Brussels, the US, the Middle East, parts of the the Caribbean, West Africa, and China/Hong Kong.

I put out the usual stream of consciousness insights on Twitter, family updates on Facebook, and may very occasionally publish more considered, longer-form content on here. I’m not cool enough for Instagram. This site is an attempt to pull all of my digital identities together.